“Lessons from those who rule with those who claim dictatorship, none”

Publication: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 2:11 PM

Pablo Iglesias responds to the criticisms he has received for comparing Puigdemont to the Republican exiles during the Franco regime that he did in ‘Salvados’ and assures that he is struck by “that the political forces and the media powers that have been against historical memory, now remember the Spanish Republicans “.

“Lessons from those who rule in this country with a force that claims the terrorist governments of the dictatorship, none,” said with resounding the third vice-president of the government, who recalled that his father was in prison “for having fought the dictatorship”. besides his grandfather.

He assured that he was not going to add “to the criminalization of the independence movement” and is ratified in what was said: “I am not a separatist, but a democrat, and they will not see me in a choir criminalizing someone for his ideas “, although admitted that” the context is different “, in response to the criticisms he received, not only from the PP and the Vox, but also from the left sectors.

“If anyone in this country has abused anti-fascist memory, they are the ones now trying to tell us that we are comparing things that are different,” and added: “My position is very clear, clear. “Of course, the current response is different from the one then”, he insisted, but he repeated that “those who humiliated the Republicans and the anti-fascists are the ones who allow graves in the gutters”, he said. he concluded.

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