“Lest you get angry, we won’t call you a ‘pure coward’ anymore, just ‘cowards'”

Posted: Monday October 26 2020 11:37 AM

Vox President Santiago Abascal on Monday attributed the position of PP leader Pablo Casado in the debate on the censure motion to the fact that his party is “shocked” by corruption cases investigated by the courts and ” needs “to agree with the PSOE on the composition of the General Judicial Council (CGPJ).

In an interview on Telecinco, Abascal confirmed that Vox will act “in a” responsible “way and will not sever relations with the PP in the communities where he supports his governments -Murcia, Andalusia and Madrid-, but accused Casado of” severing the bridges “Between the two formations, in exchange for being applauded by the second vice-president and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, by the spokesperson of the ERC; Gabriel Rufián; or by President Pedro Sánchez.

“They are the ones who applauded the perplexity of many of their voters,” he said, acknowledging that his confidence in Casado has changed “forever” although this does not imply that their parties can continue to dialogue .

In addition, he joked about the qualifier of “cowardly law” with which he addressed the PP. “From now on, we will withdraw this type of qualification and so that they do not get angry, we will no longer call them” cowardly reason “, we will only call them” cowards “”, he assured. .

Abascal also revealed that he had not spoken to Casado since the debate on the censure motion and did not plan to do so as his speech marked a before and after in their relationship.

The Vox leader admitted that he did not expect the harshness with which Casado addressed him and his congressional platform party with a speech with which, in his opinion, the PP “ has given up being the opposition ”.

“He wants to save himself and he did what he did because he is shocked by the corruption cases and wants to divide the judges again with the PSOE to protect himself,” he said, citing as example the ‘case of the kitchen’ which the National Court investigated.

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