“Let’s see if Iglesias or the moderate party is in charge of the government”

The president of the Cs, Inés Arrimadas, assured that in the support to the general budgets of the State (PGE) we will see with which partners the executive has: “We will see if the government sends churches or the moderate part of the PSOE” . “If Sánchez chooses Bildu and ERC, we will have achieved something very important: that all moderates see that they are not doing it because they have no other choice, but because they want to. It is also a service for Spain, “he said in an interview with” La Vanguardia “on Sunday.

He argued that many moderates “believed or believed that if the government should resort to these pacts it was because they had no other option,” and added that Podemos preferred to negotiate with Bildu rather than with them. In this sense, he assured that “it is impossible to have Bildu and ERC in the equation, with their economic radicalities and their separatist leaders, and Cs, with their economic moderation and with their good measures for all Spaniards” .

For this reason, he argued that the executive will have to stick with one or the other to carry out the public accounts, but not with both: “There is a time in life when you have to choose and Sánchez has reaches the moment of choice “. In addition, he defended the strategy of the Cs in the negotiation of the PGE, against that of the PP and the Vox, who “presented an amendment to the whole, which they always do when another party governs, but they do not ‘got nothing “.

He said Cs had stopped an increase in VAT in the concerted and special school, and income tax on middle income, for which he added: “We cannot remove Podemos from the government, but we were able to draw from Podemos proposals in the EMP “. Regarding the parliamentary elections, he said that “Catalonia does not need a second” trial “or a third tripartite, it needs a first moderate constitutionalist government”, she therefore asked to form a single candidacy so that no vote is lost. He assured that “the situation is so bad” that there is no obstacle for the groups that are in this spectrum to get along and stop the process of independence, on his own terms.

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