?? Letter to the Magi ??, the solidarity challenge of Quinton employees

Quinton, Alicante biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of natural seawater-based specialties, began the year with its first solidarity action. On this occasion, its employees joined the “Letter to the Magi” sporting challenge, where they covered 4,407 km through various activities: 416 km of running, 1,133 km of walking, 52 km of swimming and 2,805 km biking.

This challenge is supported by the People with Values ​​department at Quinton, which offers various measures linked to the practice of sport as a healthy and regular habit, as part of the “Totum Spirit” axis of its Wellbeing Laboratory project. This includes more than 90 measures for reconciliation, health and well-being.

As part of these Totum Spirit measures, Quinton, which encourages team sport, provides its staff with sportswear equipment and makes a personal trainer and physiotherapist available free of charge during working hours, as well as a gym. of ergonomics within the own factory. In addition, he offers the team the services of a nutritionist and fresh fruit and nuts to promote healthy eating and sports.

Thanks to this challenge, the laboratory transformed the kilometers traveled into a monetary donation for the benefit of the San José Obrero de Orihuela Foundation. Its mission is the integration of minors from family situations of abandonment, neglect, maladjustment, poverty or marginalization, putting everything in their power to give them a home and try to recreate the environment of a family, with educators and educators, preparing them for immediate integration into the world of work. They are committed to global growth, providing support on a personal, social and family level.

In this turbulent time in which we live in which good health is paramount, physical activity as a habit of life must be encouraged through health programs like Quinton’s. All these activities carried out outside allow the team to maintain this good physical shape, and even to compensate for these hours of work at home so intense lately.

Cecilia Coll, Head of the People with Values ​​Department, showed her pride in her colleagues: “In such a difficult year, where we had to change our way of life overnight, I am extremely proud of the effort and overcome each of the colleagues. They have managed to adapt to all situations. Once again, with the solidarity challenge of “Letter to the Magi”, we are living the magic of Christmas, thanks to them all. “

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