LiceoTIC Training, the first training program designed by CIOs and for CIOs

LiceoTIC, the collaborative platform for IT service managers, is launching an online training program defined by the group made up of more than 350 CIOs from national and international companies. The program consists of masters, courses and seminars focused on the maximum competitiveness of managers and ICT professionals

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 – 09 November 2020

The collaborative platform for ICT managers, LiceoTIC, launches the first training program designed by CIO’S to improve the management skills of ICT managers. The online training program LiceoTIC Training is developed by the group which brings together more than 350 CIOs and ICT managers from different national and international companies. The objective is to provide professionals in the sector in the development of their work the most requested and effective knowledge in ICT department management. The professors who will teach the programs are also CIOs. The training program includes master’s degrees, courses and seminars.

New school model

All of LiceoTIC Training’s educational programs have been created under the supervision of the best information systems managers to train in the most effective practices in technology management. Thus is born a school which leads a model of technology training based on the professional success of the student as proof of the success of the program. The programs and content have been defined on the basis of criteria determined by the managers of LiceoTIC, a community of information systems directors, to contribute to better cooperation and to the promotion of the strategic importance of information systems in companies. They are designed to bring knowledge, experience, skills and competencies to anyone who wants to improve or develop their career as technology managers.

The most requested knowledge of the sector, renewed on demand

LiceoTIC Training responds to the need to create training oriented towards the day-to-day management and strategy of the ICT department. For this reason, the knowledge most in demand in the sector has been valued, such as management methodologies and tools for CIOs, agile project management, supplier management … and solutions such as Big Data, l ‘IA, etc. The training program benefits from the support of the LiceoTIC community, the content of which will be enriched over time and according to market demands.

Setesca Talent Job Board

In addition, upon registration, students benefit from advice and the job bank of Setesca Talent, one of the best headhunters for technological managerial profiles at national and international level.

Create your own paid courses

Finally, the platform offers paid courses and seminars so that any professional capable of generating quality content can open a new professional line. So I can

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