Life on Mars: Life on Mars comes from Earth with space missions like NASA: A space mission like NASA comes to life on Mars

Scientists from many countries are engaged in the search for life on Mars, and successive planes have also been launched on the red planet. However, Cornell University professor Christopher Mason says life on Mars originated there, it would likely be difficult. In fact, Mason believes that when missions are sent from Earth to Mars, microbes or microorganisms may have arrived with them and flourish. He explained how this will affect the results of the search for life.

How is life possible?

In an article on the BBC, Mason reports that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab follows very strict rules when designing a spaceship to minimize the possibility of an unwanted creature arriving on a space mission, but still some organisms There are those who can live in very clean rooms and even on the trip to Mars. He wrote that microorganisms have been present on earth for billions of years and today they are everywhere. These can cause problems around us, inside us and in some very clean places and during space missions. (Spider-shaped shape seen on Mars)

What will these microbes be like?

Mason says these microorganisms contain certain genes that can repair DNA, which can also resist radiation. They can build up on top of equipment and also live in a cold environment. He even said that due to the very clean rooms their immunity may have increased and they could make it to Mars. For this, evolutionary selection was cited as the reason.

What about the pursuit of life?

Mason said the first microbe or human DNA could have reached Mars in 1971 with Soviet probes. In such a situation, even if there is life on Mars, it may have disappeared from the earth. If that had happened, they would have changed accordingly, mutations would have occurred and they would have changed. Maybe that will make life on Mars even easier. If anything is found there, it can be searched, which will give many answers on both planets.

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