life on Mars: signs of life on Mars as scientists claim fungi grow there: claims about mushroom growth on Mars

Whether there is life on Mars or not, it is still being discovered, but a scientist called “Space Tiger King” has claimed that rocks like “Puffball” on the Red Planet are actually mushrooms. Chinese Academy of Sciences microbiologist Dr Shinli Wei, Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Dr Rudolph Schild and Dr Ron Gabriel Joseph, “ Space Tiger King, ” claim data from the US Space Agency NASA’s Curiosity Rover and HiRISE Craft have been discovered. The scientific community has started to question this study.

Mushrooms growing on Mars?
This study claimed that the rocks NASA refers to are in fact mushroom-like creatures that grow on Mars. These scientists claim that these fungi are shrinking, sometimes visible, sometimes disappearing. These scientists have looked at photos of Mars taken at NASA for many years and have brought many discoveries to the world. Earlier in April 2020, a study indicated that fungi were growing on Mars.

Resort at 40 photos
In the latest study, the team claimed to have found evidence of life on the Red Planet. He used 40 photographs to prove his claim. The researchers used black forms called araneiforms and named them black fungi, moss-like creatures. They say they will reach a height of 980 feet when the temperature hits 42F and in winter the temperature will drop to -9F.

The shapes weren’t made of ice
Study researchers say this pattern appears every spring. NASA previously said the shape was caused by carbon dioxide ice. However, the researchers in this study say that frozen carbon dioxide is not black, but semi-transparent white. They say they are actually made up of fungi and other organisms. The team also claims that mushrooms also grow above Curiosity.

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