life on mars stephen hawking: is life possible on mars? Will a human house be built? Learn, Stephen Hawking’s Plan – What Was Stephen Hawking’s Plan For Life On Mars

Scientists looking for the possibility of living on Mars may be helped by the plan of the great scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking. Let us tell you, NASA sent Perseverance to Mars which will reach the Red Planet in February of next year. In such a situation, not only scientists but also ordinary people are also interested in whether human settlements can be established on Mars and if so, can we make it our home like Earth.

How will life on Mars be possible
Hawking had said in the Into the Universe documentary that one day, using glasses, heat and energy could be delivered to Mars. He had said that with the help of technology, large domes can be made using glass and plastic that can ward off radiation and improve the atmosphere.

What will happen to the universe?
However, Hawking believed that Mars couldn’t become a home for a long time. He gave the reason behind this to dark energy, which is such a form of energy which is nothing less than a mystery to humans. For this reason, the universe is expanding rapidly and it will come at a time when gravity is not affected.

Perseverance will arrive in February
Perseverance will arrive on Mars in February 2021 and land on Jezero Crater. The rover’s astrobiology mission, developed as part of NASA’s Mars exploration program, will find traces of already existing microbial life. It will have 7 different scientific instruments. With this, a device has been installed in Perseverance which will attempt to produce oxygen there.

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