Liferay adheres to the Teleworking and Flexibility Charter in favor of reconciliation policies

Liferay adheres to the Teleworking and Flexibility Charter in favor of reconciliation policies

Liferay Inc., provider of the main Open Source platform for the creation of web, mobile and digital experiences for connected devices, announced its adherence to the Telework and Flexibility Charter promoted by Fundacin Msfamilia, thus ratifying its commitment to the culture of work-reconciliation.

Work-life balance and flexibility policies

Liferay Inc., the North American multinational company present in Spain since 2008 and headquartered in Paseo de la Castellana, has its second largest R&D center in the world in Madrid, with a workforce of over 100 employees, with its predominant profile of product engineers.

In recent years, Liferay has promoted and fostered policies of work-life balance and flexibility in various areas: reconciliation of personal, family and professional life, equality and equity, health, well-being, as well as awareness and commitment. Until 2019, the organization already had a remote working policy, with 9% of the workforce developing their activity permanently and 46% doing so temporarily.

Currently, since March 2020 and due to the pandemic, 100% of the workforce works remotely from their home, the offices remaining open for employees who prefer to get there on time. With the signing of this charter, Liferay Espaa puts the seal on its continued support for reconciliation, with spatial flexibility and the availability of teleworking options as some of the key strategies available to its employees; Likewise, guarantee all relevant measures so that they are carried out with the best guarantees of well-being and safety at work.

“Liferay is a company created by people for people,” said Carolina Moreno, vice president of sales for EMEA and general manager for southern Europe at Liferay. “Our commitment to the Charter is a natural step towards giving the necessary space to certain labor policies and measures that we consider essential. For Liferay, the employee is at the center of our activities ”.

In addition to leveraging and supporting a culture of flexibility and teleworking of the highest management, the signing of this charter translates into a firm and continuous commitment to principles such as:

Exercise exemplary leadership based on trust and commitment between employee and company. Bet on a culture based on reaching and achieving goals versus the culture of presenteeism. Use collaborative tools and IT management in favor of the person and the results to be achieved. Set up action plans for flexibility and teleworking based on an own diagnosis in accordance with the culture and the business model. Raise awareness of the organization and society in general on the advantages of flexibility and teleworking for the protection of the environment, health and diversity and inclusion. Extend the commitment to flexibility and teleworking in the value chain to subcontractors (suppliers and public administrations).

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