Lin Qi: Suspect Arrested for Poisoning of China Mobile Game Maker Arrested Suspect – Chinese Video Game Tycoon Lin Qi Murder Case, Shanghai Police Arrest Suspect

Lin Chi, president and CEO of a mobile game manufacturing company in China, was poisoned and murdered. Police have since arrested a suspect. He was known to have created Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming Strategy Game. His company Yuju Games Corporation creates video games based on the popular science fiction novel The Three Body Problem. Lin Qui, 39, died in hospital on Christmas Day.

Police Arrested Lin Chi’s Accomplice For Murder
Police said one of his 39-year-old colleagues was detained in the Lin Chi murder case. Keeping the name of the accused a secret, police identified the name with the surname Joo. According to the statement, Lynn was admitted to the hospital on December 17 and during the investigation it was suspected that she had been poisoned. The police didn’t say anything more.

Lin Chi owned billions of dollars in property
Meanwhile, business magazine Kaixin quoted industry sources as saying the suspect worked in Yuju’s film division. According to the Hurun Report, Lin was ranked 870th among China’s richest entrepreneurs and had assets of $ 6.8 billion. His company also tried its luck in the field of cinema but after failing this project was abandoned.

The company sent an emotional message
The company mourned the posting of a post to its official social media account on Vivo. Lin Chi’s company employees also gathered outside the office to pay tribute. A large number of Shanghai also attended the event.

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