LinkedIn emerges as the key social network in CEO communication strategies in 2021

LinkedIn emerges as the key social network in CEO communication strategies in 2021

Epsilon Technologies developed the Epsilon Icarus Analytics CEO panel on Linkedin in which the profiles of a total of 120 CEOs of Spanish companies present on this social network were analyzed. This is a very innovative study because, until now, the presence of the CEOs of our country in this social network has never been followed and analyzed with this level of detail.


The Top 10 most effective executives on Linkedin (by calculating interactions / posts) is made up of Ignacio Rivera (Estrella Galicia) Ana Botn (Santander), Rafael Juan (Vicky Foods), Jos Mara lvarez-Pallete (Telefnica), Luis Maroto (Amadeus), Colman Deegan (Vodafone), Gabriel Escarrer (Meli Hotels), Mara Jess Garca (Goiko), Carlos Torres (BBVA) and Bernardo Gregori (Grefusa).


The Top 10 executives with the most followers on Linkedin is led by Ana Botn (Santander), followed by Dimas Gimeno (KAPITA), Jos Mara lvarez-Pallete (Telefnica), Oscar Pierre (Glovo), Rafael Juan (Vicky Foods) , Antonio Huertas (Mapfre), Gabriel Escarrer (Meli Hotels), Alain Ryckeboer (Leroy Merlin), Miguel Vicente (Antai Venture Builder) and Patricia Benito de Mateo (Openbank).

The success strategies of these profiles have been based mainly on the publication of content on CSR and diversity and inclusion initiatives of companies and related to COVID-19 news and on the promotion of opinion content, with personal reflections on related topics. .


The report also includes a series of practical tips that social media and marketing teams can immediately apply to improve their CEOs’ presence in networks:

Publish content frequently: minimum, 2 posts per month Share personal opinions and a vision on relevant aspects of the present Explain company news Talk about professional origins and the history of the company Give names and surnames to employees: humanizing the company through employee stories Share CSR, diversity and inclusion and sustainability policies and measures Communicate company and employee rewards Share relevant articles and add additional thoughts

About Epsilon Technologies: Epsilon Technologies is the leading company in Spain in data intelligence applied to marketing, with more than 25 years of experience in developing technologies with the aim of facilitating the collection, measurement, evaluation and rational explanation of data in the digital environment. and on Social Networks, so that brands can make strategic decisions quickly and precisely.

Thanks to big data generated by social networks, brands can measure their impact on networks, transform this data into inspiration for their strategy and execute concrete actions that connect them to their target audience, to become Digital Loved Brands. The company offers social media measurement, social media research and smart data services.

Its technological solutions are pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence applied to marketing. Epsilon Icarus Analytics, developed with its own technology and patented by Epsilon Technologies, is the leading solution in Spain for artificial intelligence for social networks. Epsilon Icarus Analytics technology has been selected by the IAB to carry out a multitude of sector studies, as well as recognized by the Spain Tech Center (Banco Santander, ICEX, as one of the 12 most innovative companies invited to participate in its program acceleration in Silicon Valley. Among other benefits, it allows brands to know their market share in terms of recruitment, interaction, engagement and virality, as well as identify key business opportunities. Epsilon Technologies’ team of consultants and digital strategists help companies optimize their strategies, reinvent content to grow the brand and discover new opportunities.

Epsilon Technologies publishes quarterly various Sector Panels and Observatories of Global Trends in Social Networks based on smart data generated by Social Networks.

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