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Recently at Servitalent we participated, as Talentor Spain, in the annual Talentor International Partners Meeting, where we had the opportunity to listen and learn from Adam Hawkins, an expert consultant of the industry on LinkedIn. Who spoke about the latest industry trends on the LinkedIn professional network, the before and after of the human resources market in relation to the pandemic and how industries have changed their talent search strategy in different parts of the world.

As you can imagine, today’s industry data has been affected by Covid-19 in its entirety. Its general impact on each industry and market was reflected in the 3 main aspects highlighted by Hawkins:

Digital transformation Workforce transformation Workspace transformation

Digital transformation through digitization and technological data now available from various international companies.

The transformation of the workforce showing a lack of skills for certain positions or making them evolve within the company.

And the transformation of the workspace evolving from an established and defined space to a more flexible and even remote space.

The skills businesses are looking for and need most in 2021 are:

Technological analysis of data, a consequence of the unstoppable digital transformation. Resilience due to the impact of the pandemic on the population.

During the first half of 2021, most of the markets in the world are recovering, most of them have had to transform or diversify to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition and stay afloat. For example, we see that the retail and manufacturing markets have moved towards e-commerce. Also, most markets depend on the development and evolution of the Covid-19 vaccination in each country. It’s no surprise that the healthcare and tech sectors in the United States and Europe (like Germany, France, Italy or Spain) have been the most resilient in 2020.

Regarding the evolution of posting and job search behavior around the world, it is interesting because the posting of company jobs on LinkedIn reflects that the most dominant sectors in the world were construction, industry, transport and logistics. While the demand for jobs on LinkedIn in general remains stable for a long time, the tendency is to seek a “flexible workspace” for candidates. A trend that has been accentuated since before Covid-19, representing 78% of job searches on LinkedIn.

In addition, 66% of people who were already working remotely showed high efficiency in their work, also becoming a trend due to its diverse and innovative meaning, allowing people to remain stable when they find a suitable job. to their current situation and their goals, but still allowing them to keep looking for new and better home employment opportunities.

Presentism is undoubtedly still very important to people and businesses, but remote working has come to stay, which is why many companies have considered or decided on a hybrid situation that can benefit both parties by choosing when and where to work, focusing on your workforce, bringing more diversity and inclusion to your own work team, cost savings, etc.

As partners of Talentor International, an international network of headhunters, it is very important to know how the market reacts to a certain situation, especially the current post-pandemic, which has affected each of our partners, clients and candidates. . I hope that we will soon be able to visualize a better panorama which will allow us to continue to offer our clients and candidates the best professional opportunities they deserve.

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