LinkedIn launches second edition of Top Voices list in Spain

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, publishes its Top Voices 2020 list in Spain. Chosen users stand out for sharing their ideas and opinions as well as creating conversations on relevant topics on the platform, which has seen record levels of engagement. LinkedIn experienced a 50% overall increase in content production between March 2019 and the same month of 2020, in addition to a growth of over 55% in user-to-user conversation.

The Top Voices list includes 15 professionals from industries such as entrepreneurship, marketing, journalism, human resources, career counseling, retail or the real estate market, who were chosen based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors.

First, a LinkedIn Data Science team measures the engagement that each user can promote and develop with their community. Then, the members of the editorial team make a selection taking into account the importance and topicality of the subjects they address, as well as the tools used in their profiles (articles, publications, videos and comments) to offer or receive help on the topics. subjects in which they are specialized. In addition, they analyze whether the list reflects the diversity of voices that characterize the world in which we work today.

Marina Valero, editor-in-chief of LinkedIn News in Spain affirms: “The 15 professionals selected speak about topical subjects such as digital transformation, the impact of the pandemic on employment or reconciliation issues. Its content inspires and helps the community find new solutions to adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic. They are profiles of great relevance in their sector, which stand out for the quality of their publications, articles or videos and for the value they bring to the rest of LinkedIn users ”.

Here is the list of the best voices in alphabetical order:

Best voices 2020

● Alejandra Chancn Garca, strategy director at Havas Media and gender expert

● Lex Dantart, entrepreneur and investor

● Beatriz Toribio, real estate market expert

● Estela Martn, lawyer and journalist

● Francisco J. Delgado, professor of applied economics at the University of Oviedo

● Javier Esteban, journalist and consultant

● Jorge Branger, entrepreneur and digital strategist

● Juan Ignacio de Elizalde, CEO of Coca-Cola Iberia

● Laureano Turienzo Esteban, Retail expert and professor

● Macarena Estvez, expert in data science and data analysis

● Mar Domnguez Seda, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert

● Maribel Garca Bentez, employer brand expert

● Miguel ngel Granado, consultant and expert in food security

● Pilar Llcer, expert on the future of work

● Toms Pereda Riaza, human resources expert

You can read more about this list here

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