LinkedIn presents Career Explorer, a tailor-made job search engine

In these times, finding a job has become more than necessary. Many people have lost their jobs and others are looking for other jobs because of the current situation. LinkedIn wants to help you with its new service called Career Explorer. Available worldwide in English beta from today.

Career Explorer, find a job on LinkedIn that matches your skills

The new tool aims to match users’ skills with jobs they might not otherwise have considered. It has happened to all of us that when looking for a job, they ask for things that do not correspond to our profile.

Career Explorer will offer advice on additional skills members may need to qualify for the position. It will also show some of our LinkedIn contacts who can help us. LinkedIn promises to add more locations and improvements in the coming months.

In addition, the platform seeks to prepare job seekers for technology-related career opportunities. By identifying the best digital skills among professionals. Recruiters will be able to post a job on LinkedIn for free in the coming months.

Finally, LinkedIn added new virtual interview preparation tools for on-demand jobs, such as Project Manager and Software Engineer. The aim is to help them answer the most frequently asked questions and improve their interview skills.

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