LinkedIn turns to video as a promotional tool

The quintessential corporate social network, LinkedIn, had to reinvent itself in this pandemic year. Now the video is taking on more relevance so people can get to know us better. Several video options to deliver different content to our audience.

LinkedIn bets on video on its social network

The first Cover Story feature allows us to make a representative video of ourselves. With him, we can share our professional experience, our specialization and our personality. If we have a cover story, our profile picture will have an orange ring and our video will preview silently when they see our profile.

In a study by LinkedIn itself, 76% of managers who hire find it very useful to have a video of people looking for a job.

On the other hand, we have the new mode for creators which allows us to select a series of hashtags or tags to follow on the topics that interest us. This mode can also be changed to “Connect” or “Continue” by moving our activity and sections to the top of our profile.

People who are broadcasting live on LinkedIn will be seen through our profile’s clutter. This will improve the visibility of the content being broadcast.

In addition to these features for creators, LinkedIn now displays the ability to select the gender pronoun in the profile. A change to adapt to new changes and cover the entire audience without leaving anyone behind

All of this news will start to arrive gradually from next week. So don’t panic if you still don’t see it in your profiles.

This development is fully in line with the new focus on creators and communities that we are seeing at Microsoft. It seems that the Redmonds want to regain proximity to the people.

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