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At first you would think this is a new video conferencing service. But beyond that, it seems like it’s a way to chat with LinkedIn contacts. Something that can be very useful for meetings or job interviews.

LinkedIn wants to help us organize meetings from their website

The objective is to define a service, BlueJeans, Zoom, Teams or LinkedIn as the one chosen for the call. From there we can work out the rest of the details, from the attendees to the date of the meeting.

#LinkedIn is also working on adding the button to create virtual meetings in the mobile app 👀

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) February 12, 2021

As always, this information was taken by Alessandro Paluzzi from the LinkedIn app. As is often the case, this feature is in beta and could take some time to reach users. The corporate social network seeks to go beyond its usual functions and become a complement to use on a daily basis.

This is why Microsoft does not understand its rivals and offers the various solutions on the market for video calls. The goal is for LinkedIn to continue to grow day by day and be a preferred option for users. We are happy to see this type of functionality because it shows that the LinkedIn team is not conformist and is adapting to the new pace of life.

It seems that Microsoft is starting to get a better handle on the social media issue. Maybe that’s why he wanted to acquire Pinterest or TikTok, to continue to increase his domination on social networks. We will see if the Redmond giant expands its presence on the internet or how it manages it.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn continues to grow and is already a great source of income for Microsoft. It looks like the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history is starting to pay off. In the meantime, we’ll take a close look at the tech giant’s possible social acquisitions in the near term.

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