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Thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, we found that the stories were going to reach LinkedIn. And now we know that LinkedIn wants to offer more details about the content we share in our Stories.

Stories on LinkedIn will have detailed reports

People still wonder about the usefulness of Stories on LinkedIn, but the reality is that their use seems to be more than expected. This is why the popular social network is already working to offer us more details about our stories.

#LinkedIn working on information about engagement stories 👀

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) November 17, 2020

As can be seen, the initial information will be quite simple. It is normal though that it is this basic, remember that this function is only a few weeks old. Over time, and if its usefulness is proven, we will find more advanced features.

Stories can have great potential when it comes to showing what we do at big events (in the future) or in complex operations. A way for people to see what we are doing with their own eyes.

And for you, what do you think of the stories and their emergence in multiple areas. Do you think it is a useful tool or that its trend has been taken advantage of to appear everywhere, especially on Facebook services.

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