Linux applications with GUI are coming to Windows 10

While Azure, Teams, and Microsoft 365 are often the focus of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, Windows 10 has its moments, too. This time we are going to talk about the Windows Subsystem for Linux or WSL. This has grown to the point of having a Linux file system in Windows and now we can open apps with a Linux interface in Windows 10.

Windows 10 can now open Linux apps

A series of conferences related to Windows 10 had already been announced, perhaps less than we would like, but still very interesting. Today, after having been previously tested with Insiders, compatibility with Linux GUI applications in the Windows Subsystem for Linux and some new features of the Windows Terminal that we will develop next.

We’ll start with the Windows Terminal news. With version 1.9 of Windows Terminal, now in preview, Microsoft includes a new “Quake Mode” feature. While the name might sound strange, this feature allows us to quickly open a new terminal window from anywhere in Windows 10, using a quick keyboard shortcut. As you will remember, Windows Terminal was first added in 2019 to Windows 10, for those who run command lines in Windows 10.

This has already been tested with Windows Insiders, but Microsoft now says it’s available for developers. “WSL enables users to run their favorite Linux tools, utilities, and applications for developer workflows. This new feature extends its support to include out-of-the-box GUI applications, ”Microsoft said.

For now, today’s announcement indicates the availability of these features for developers. We will have to wait until this new feature is available to all users, but it allows Linux to have a greater presence without leaving Windows 10.

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