List of School of Emotional Leadership Laureates published

The School of Emotional Leadership presented to the Official College of Physicians of Madrid the second edition of the White Paper of Emotions and Values ​​/ Guide for Effective Emotional Behavior. A book that brings together the personal and professional experiences gathered in ELEmocionalDAY 2020, a digital meeting where 160 professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs, debated the role that emotions and values ​​play in “the excellence of being and good job “in the face of unfavorable situations like the one we experienced during this pandemic. A free downloadable book, sponsored by Endesa and Fujitsu, and edited by Wolters Kluwer.

In the words of Dr Elsa Mart Barcel, founder and director of ele, this book is “ a work of emotional research that highlights the role played by emotions and values ​​such as solidarity, resilience, courage or the control of anger in the way of being, of acting, of sharing or of offering when pain, suffering, uncertainty or fear ravage our lives. “

Jos Bogas, CEO of ENDESA, and ngeles Delgado, President of Fujitsu also attended the event. Both have received ELE awards dedicated to emotional management. Jos Bogas received the award ” Dr. Vicente Lpez-Ibor Cams to Emotional Leader 2020 ”, not only for possessing the highest technical and managerial capacities, but also for those more interior, those which are not taught in universities or business schools, but which emerge from within the person and are projected throughout a lifetime outward.

The second ” Em2Accin, Mental Health Company ” Prize was awarded to Fujitsu for his work to improve the mental health of companies and the emotional well-being of workers, through his membership in the Vademcum of Mental Well-being Em2 Accin and its selfless participation in a pioneering initiative that has developed protocols to prevent the onset of mental disorders within the company. A Crowe-ele initiative “to make the world we work in a mentally healthier world,” explained Elsa Mart.

During the award ceremony, the two laureates agreed on the importance of emotional management during this pandemic, stressing the importance of applying emotional intelligence to leadership in business management, the need to apply values emotional to corporate culture in the professional world. the importance of putting the person at the center.

A book that was born in the midst of a pandemic, despite the difficulty of coordinating so many active participants. “But I think in this edition we have managed to convey what to do when the most important thing we have is in danger: health, love and work,” says Elsa Mart.

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