List of useful tools for remote work

For many people, remote working is their dream format and a long-awaited panacea against stress and imbalances. But in some cases, it is a necessary measure due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a forced quarantine.

Building a communication which in the office would be done naturally, with self-discipline, planning of the work day, management of tasks, control of execution …, all this coupled with the absence of a family environment, will require a new approach to solve almost any problem. For today’s selection, we’ve rounded up apps that we believe are best in class and help achieve maximum efficiency in a business, especially when it comes to working remotely.

Working online means having a significant amount of software on your computer. There are many programs that can help you work remotely online, and among so much variety, it is difficult to know which work program or tool will be the best. In this article, we collect the best ones for remote working today, both for talking with colleagues and for planning the day. When we talk about remote working, we cover a lot of examples of telework that can be found on the web.

Work with files: Dropbox

Many have a file repository that allows the team to collaborate on it and discuss changes in comments. It is an indispensable service for remote work, in which all the necessary documents are stored and synchronized instantly. You can even send files to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. There is 2GB of free storage, but it can be expanded by inviting friends (500MB for each referral link saved) or by purchasing the Pro version ($ 10 / month with up to 1TB), which still offers more file management and collaboration options. In addition, the service has mobile and desktop applications.

To-do lists: Evernote

It is a single application which combines a notepad, an organizer and a diary. If you need a separate space exclusively for your to-do list, you can also check out Evernote and it will have the information clearly to avoid mistakes. Everything that is saved can be organized and this also allows you to check off completed tasks. Here you can add photos, images, web pages or audios, which are very easy to find quickly when needed. In addition, the app allows you to scan handwritten notes. Anything you wrote down on calls with colleagues or partners will be transferred to your phone and then synced with other devices as needed.

Communication: Viber

An easy-to-use application which, in addition to fast messaging, offers many additional options for effective business communication. Shared chats, for example, allow you to broadcast information to all team members at the same time, while group video calls mean having a real virtual conference. There are also audio conferences in which up to twenty people can participate.

Viber also offers a solution for employees who work remotely from different countries. With Viber Out’s IP phone service, it is possible to call landlines and mobile numbers all over the world, even if they are not registered with Viber, for just $ 9 per month. Also, this email program has a desktop version, which means that users can view documents on a big screen. If you send a link to a document uploaded to the cloud, you can easily find it in the future, as Viber organizes the files sent via chat according to the format.

Visual advancement of projects: Trello

It is one of the most popular online project management services that lets you keep track of every step of the way. The system uses the Kanban methodology of the Japanese whiteboard, dividing tasks into scheduled, ongoing and completed tasks. Each item in turn can be divided into sub-paragraphs with comments, links, and files. Trello has a simple interface, almost unlimited free access to all functions, as well as the ability to integrate with other applications: for example, deadlines set in Trello will also be visible in Google Calendar.

Recording screen: Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder provides excellent options for recording, editing and sending recorded screens, making it easy to monitor or explain work processes to bosses or colleagues, making work very efficient .

It allows you to record everything happening on the screen and save the progress for different cases. Moreover, Movavi can change the format of the videos and also has an editing program, that is, it is a completely versatile program.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most countries have declared a national quarantine and closed their borders. In such situations, it is very important to stay at home or at work so as to limit direct contact with people.

Today, more and more companies decide that their employees work remotely to preserve their health and optimize work in the reality of 2021.

Working online shouldn’t be stressful, especially nowadays when there are many tools that help organize teamwork from a distance. Special work programs let you easily manage tasks, communicate with coworkers, and track your progress using productivity tools.

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