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The news game Little Nightmares is temporarily available on Steam Published on 05/29/2021 at 3:51 PM Published in 2017 and developed by Tarsier Studio, Little Nightmares offered a platform and puzzle-oriented adventure in a terrifying universe. Today any player with a Steam account can claim the title for free. Little Nightmares is actually free on Steam until May 30th at 7 p.m. It can thus be added to the library and downloaded without a single euro. However, this is the basic version, with the full version still being sold for € 29.99 along with 7 additional items, with prices between € 0.99 and € 9.99 for the Secrets of The Maw DLC. In Little Nightmares, the player plays Six, a young girl in a yellow raincoat who explores different environments that are unsettling and inspired by the works of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Tim Burton. With a striking aesthetic, a successful atmosphere and an “impeccable” sound design, Little Nightmares fishes with cryptic narratives, strange level design decisions and a limited lifespan. Not enough to try the title that has enough qualities to offer a great experience.

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