Live music in Genoa, silence in Ferraz and some celebrations in the rest of the match venues

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 9:30 PM

The six candidates from the Community of Madrid have already arrived at their party headquarters to follow the election results, with the exception of Ángel Gabilondo who, instead of Ferraz, will do so from a hotel in the capital.

PP candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso arrived after eight in the afternoon at the party’s headquarters in Genoa, where they set up a balcony to celebrate the possible victory indicated by the polls.

Celebrations in front of the PP headquarters

They have installed speakers and projectors, hoping that the forecast will be met, and have already closed part of the street. There is also a DJ who plays music encouraging everyone who stays in the street, whether in chairs or on foot. And more than one started to dance.

They also saw Spanish flags fluttering from many balconies and in some windows, as well as pride flags. A festive atmosphere in the exteriors which, however, makes the hours count, since at 11:00 p.m. the touchdown begins.

Inside the headquarters of Genoa, there also seems to be euphoria. In the networks, there are already photos of Ayuso with Casado following close examination and accompanied by several executives.

Silence in Ferraz, Gabilondo is in a hotel

Socialist candidate Ángel Gabilondo visited the Princesa Plaza hotel at a quarter to eight, from where he will continue election night with members of his candidacy and PSOE-M secretary general José Manuel Franco. Minister Castells was seen entering the hotel, which is surprising since it was presumed he would, anyway, with the United We Can candidate.

“We are awaiting the decision of the citizens. The polling stations are closed and the control has not started so we have details of some importance,” Gabilondo joked to the media upon his arrival at the Princeas Plaza hotel. Government President Pedro Sánchez will follow the results of La Moncloa and other national PSOE leaders from the party’s headquarters in Ferraz, where absolute silence reigns.

More Madrid and citizens, waiting

More Madrid candidate Mónica García arrived at around 7.15 p.m. at the Gran Vía attic where her party has set up its campaign headquarters, where she is already meeting her team and Más País spokesperson in Congress, Íñigo Errejón.

The citizen candidate, Edmundo Bal, arrived before 7 p.m. at the headquarters of number 253 in Calle Alcalá. He meets his campaign team and members of the party’s permanent executive on the fourth floor.

Vox followers arrive at headquarters

They also follow the scrutiny of the seat of Vox Rocío Monasterio, the candidate, who is already there with Espinosa de los Monteros. Outside the party headquarters, they set up a stage and supporters begin to arrive waving flags.

United we can, meanwhile

For his part, United Podemos candidate Pablo Iglesias arrived after eight in the afternoon at the party’s headquarters in Madrid, where he met members of the executive leadership of Podemos, such as Pablo Echenique and Irene. Montero.

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