live turtle in fish stomach: Live turtle in fish stomach: live turtle in fish belly

Biologists in Florida, United States, were trying to catch a largemouth bass for research. When this fish came into his hand, he found something inside that blew his senses away. In fact, as he was taking tissue samples from this fish, he felt movement inside his stomach. When he looked inside his stomach, a living turtle was found in him.

Biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported that they had gone to catch the fish for research. While taking an airboat ride into the Everglades, they caught many fish and tested them the next day. The commission, along with the Wildlife Research Institute, reported that biologists were taking tissue samples from fish.

Then he felt something move in his stomach. Biologists cut open the belly of the fish and showed a living turtle inside. It is not common to find a live turtle in the belly of a fish. He was cautiously fired. After the checkup, she was released into the water.

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Posted by the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute on Thursday, March 4, 2021

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