Livestream Death: Russian man dies while drinking vodka on Livestream Youtube: Person drinking vodka dies live on YouTube

A shocking incident has occurred in Russia. Here, a 60-year-old man died after drinking 1.5 liters of vodka. The man drank this vodka during the livestream and lost his life when he saw it. Local media claim that a person named ‘Grandpa’ was challenged by a YouTuber to do so and also offered money in return.

People watch while dying
The incident comes from Smolensk, in western Russia, where security forces are investigating the incident. Yuri Duschekin was reportedly challenged by this YouTuber to drink live wine or eat hot sauce. He is said to have died drinking 1.5 liters of vodka. The Independent was quoted by Russian news site Ryadovka as saying the whole incident was being broadcast live and Darshak was watching Yuri die.

Scary Internet Trend
This incident is also considered to be part of a dangerous trend on the Internet, in which people are doing “Thrash Stream”, also known as “Trash Stream”. In this, people are invited to perform dangerous or abusive stunts. People who complete them are offered money while a large number of people online become its audience. Russian Senator Aleksei Pushkov called for a ban on live violence broadcasts. Alexei is the chairman of the Federation Council’s Information Policy Commission.

Will be banned
Condemning the incident, he said there will be a council meeting on February 11 in which this trend will be declared illegal. He tweeted: ‘Homeless man died during Thrash Stream, harassed, beaten and paid internet blogger money to watch it. Does anyone need to explain what is needed to ban Thrash Stream. We have it clear. ‘

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