Living in your leisure time is possible … even in the current situation: ten keys to achieving it

Living in your leisure time is possible … even in the current situation: ten keys to achieving it

If there’s one word that defines the current job market, it’s surely not “optimism”. In a few months when the job destruction rates return to values ​​even higher than those of 2008 or 2009, an alternative presents itself: betting on making our leisure activities our profession or our way of life.

For this it is essential that, first, the purely quantitative aspects give way to the qualitative and more emotional aspects. If we are to offer a product or service that truly adds value, it has to come from our passion.

Once this idea is assumed, the next thing to do is to focus on the most strategic elements, but without neglecting one of the fundamental premises of any business: meeting the needs of our customers in the most efficient way possible. At this stage, Javier Elices is committed to making our passion profitable thanks to a new digital skill: Affiliate.Pro. This professional shares his passion or knowledge about his hobby with other users by recommending related products or services to other people that allow him to enjoy it more. This recommendation can be made via paid promotions (advertising on social networks) or organic (talking about it on a blog or on social networks). Hobby monetization occurs when a person purchases that recommended product or service and the “recommender” or affiliate earns a commission per sale.

“Work on what I like.” Such a short sentence, a priori, utopian which, however, can be an excellent alternative to the complicated work situation that we are going through in recent months. This phenomenon is called “passion economy” and basically consists of turning our hobbies or passions into business. In other words: making a living with what we do best, and what we love too. Because, let’s face it, if you’ve got a hobby, you’re a geek about it and few know more than you. Making it profitable is everyone’s dream.

In today’s economy, full of competition and large-scale production, there is a great opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to doing what they are most passionate about and doing it with the word ‘value. “.

All of this does not mean removing from the equation such things as market and competition analysis, the corresponding strategic vision or a sound pricing policy. To make a living from our hobbies, all these factors will be fundamental: it is not a question of selling more, but of selling better, as Adam Davidson says in his book The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty- First Century.

On the other hand, the technological age in which we are immersed offers us endless possibilities to start our businesses without needing to invest a lot of money, and without having to take to the streets in search of coveted clients.

This is corroborated by Javier Elices, a benchmark in affiliate marketing in the digital marketplace in the Hispanic sphere, who emphasizes a claim that is as obvious as it is often overlooked: For every business to function, the key is that we sell the product that we sell, It corresponds to our values ​​or our tastes for this hobby. The next step is to get in touch with other people who need it and earn some income.

Affiliate.Pro: the key is to share our passion

Earn commissions for sharing our knowledge about certain products we are passionate about with people who are also interested in them. This is how Javier Elices defines the true competence of Affiliate.Pro.

For example, a professional affiliate who loves mountain bikes and likes to research or know the latest news about them, can choose related products on that topic or sector and share their recommendations on it with other people who surely , are interested in acquiring them but do not have much knowledge of them. The most important thing is that you also derive income from it. We could define it as the point where the concepts of passion and profit are firm.

Unlike an Affiliate Manager, who is the one who manages a company’s affiliate program, Affiliate.Pro is not dependent on working with customers, but it is they themselves who decide which products to promote and what to promote. the speed at which they want to do it. That way, they have more freedom in terms of their time, and they don’t put a limit on how much money they want to earn, Elices concludes.

Beyond this real example, Javier Elices discovers the 10 main keys for your hobby to become your business and you can live with it with guarantees.

10 keys to making a living from our leisure time

Bet on what you love … and what you do. “Pick a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.” This phrase from Confucius is one of the maxims in making our hobby a satisfying and profitable way of life. If we manage to dedicate ourselves professionally to something that satisfies our concerns and expectations, both professional and economic, the quality of the result of our work will increase exponentially. This solves a problem. It does not really solve the problems of the citizens. In the case of Affiliate.Pro, their knowledge on a certain subject can help someone else meet a need. It is not only about selling a product, but Knowledge helps the other person to have the most information and ends up acquiring it in a more natural way, the firm Elices. Analyze the market … This involves knowing See what problems and solutions exist, who is the target customer, the size of the market and above all, what value proposition will we design to differentiate ourselves from the competition. … And your competitors Your competitors are companies, products or professionals who market products or services likely to attack your same market segment. Currently we have at our disposal a large number of tools (internet, social networks, news …) to analyze what they do, or what type of value proposition they use. Utopas exist, but you have to know where to look for them. The possibility of creating an online project from scratch without having to search for clients or create a product is totally real – underlines Javier Elices-Los Afiliados. Pro does not depend on working with clients, but They decide which products to promote and how quickly they want to do it, thus obtaining more freedom over time and having no limit on the money they want to win. Adopt passive income: Passive income is all about creating an automatic system that generates money without the need to invest time in it. In fact, the more time you have to invest, the less passive income or business will be. A clear example is in the Affiliate.Pro program, where as soon as we start our system, we automatically start receiving commissions, Elices explains. Define your true value proposition … We could define our value proposition as the only thing we offer, and which cannot be copied by our competitors. Before defining it, we must be very clear about the type of customer we are addressing. With a defined customer segment, it is much easier to focus on the problem at hand, why it is a problem for them, how they are dealing with it and how we can solve it in a better way than that. which is currently on the market. … and price it right (don’t underestimate yourself) Price is the dollar value you provide to your customer, not the cost of the product. Remember that beyond the physical tools you need to develop your work, the price also includes your expertise or knowledge, as well as your creativity and the previous research period. Adam Davidson in his book The Passion Economy states that if the price is low enough that the potential customer can easily accept it, chances are they are not ready to do the hard work that this commitment requires. . Choosing the Right Tools and Platforms While we are committed to making our hobby our way of life, we also need to pay special attention when choosing the best tools and platforms to reach our customers. From the web page, through payment gateways or tools for your type of business, whether online or offline. Every industry or group has their favorite platforms or channels, and that’s where we should be. Build Your Story The story we tell about ourselves will also help us differentiate ourselves from others, and we have to assume that there will be people who like it and others who just don’t find it attractive. What is clear is that your story is the thermometer for meeting your real clients. On the other hand, it is also important to know the history of who we have before us. For example, in the case of Affiliate.PRO, it is more important that they know the story of the person behind each product.

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