Lnea Directa announces the 4th edition of the ‘Big Ideas’ Hackathon in search of young talents

Lnea Directa announces the 4th edition of the ‘Big Ideas’ Hackathon in search of young talents

The pandemic situation and the resulting acceleration of the digital transformation make the integration of young students and university graduates into the labor market a double challenge. However, mastering new technologies, knowing how to apply agile methodologies or working in collaborative environments are skills that can make the difference in the face of this challenge and be able to make the desired leap into the professional world.

This is why, as a sign of its commitment to young talents, Lnea Direct Assurance is launching the 4th edition of the “Big Ideas” Hackathon, a day of creative and collaborative work for university students, young graduates or master’s students, mainly with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), in which young talents will meet the challenges related to the transformation and digitalization of the insurance sector through innovative and disruptive ideas that will lead them to find the best solution for respond to business challenges.

Thus, in order to promote in young people the acquisition of key knowledge for the new professional environment, participants must respond to the challenges by testing their ability to innovate and to work in collaborative environments, by applying agile methodologies, by prototyping quickly or in design thinking, among many other knowledge and skills that organizations need today to face this new era.

According to Mar Garre, Director of People, Communication and Sustainable Development, “with this initiative, which is now in its fourth edition, we want participants to take up the challenge of working as a team to propose possible solutions around the digitization or mobility, in a very demanding professional environment, very close to what they will see when they enter the labor market. This activity is one more example of our commitment to attract young talents since, with it, we are looking for STEM and digital profiles who, in the process of digital transformation of the company, will know how to bring their knowledge and their enthusiasm ”.

In addition, to adapt to current circumstances, the Hackathon will be held, for another year, in an online format, which will make it a much more collaborative day and allow open participation to students from all over Spain.

Anyone interested in participating can register, via the website, until June 24th. To be able to participate in the Hackathon, students must pass a first phase where they will have to answer in Tweet Pitch mode (280 characters) to a series of questions on one of the three challenges posed for this edition:

“Health Insurance 3.0”: Thanks to new technologies and digitization, there is a world of opportunities to improve the health insurance customer experience from multiple perspectives. How will Health Insurance 3.0 fare in 10 years? How could technology help customers lead healthier lives? How can we nurture and improve our ongoing relationship with our health insurance clients through digitization? “New urban mobility”: More and more, new forms and services of personal and shared mobility are becoming widespread in large cities (more and more electric cars and motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and even connected vehicles or drones, etc.). Given the legislation, the preparation of Spanish cities for the use of these vehicles and with the aim of moving towards an increasingly circular and sustainable economy … What new insurances, services or coverages can insurers offer? ? How to better reach users? Which channels, messages or campaigns to use and how? How to offer mobility insurance that is more attractive to young people? “IoT for smart home insurance”: The Internet of Things (IoT) offers endless possibilities for creating smart homes and, in particular, for detecting incidents and preventing risks in the home. How to take advantage of these technological advances to link insurance and home? How can we offer security and peace of mind to our customers in a profitable way? What features, devices, infrastructure, sensors, installation services, etc. should we have?

The 40 selected finalists who will pass this first phase will participate in the Virtual Hackathon which will be held the weekend of July 9 to 11. During this online day, teams of 4 to 5 people will defend their idea in front of the jury, made up of the General Management of the company. The selection criteria for the winners will take into account the originality of the prototyped idea, the degree of innovation within the insurance sector, the quality of the oral presentation, the change and improvement of the customer experience. and the possibility of generating a “wow” effect on the members of the jury.

Each of the members of the first winning team of the Hackathon will receive 1,500 € intended to follow a master of their choice to continue to develop their training. The second prize will be € 500 and, finally, € 150 will be awarded as the third prize. In addition, Lnea Direct Insurance will also give the possibility of carrying out paid internships on Line Direct between 6 and 12 months, and the possibility of joining the company once this period has elapsed, thanks to its Young Talent scholarship program.

With this initiative, Lnea Direct Assurance continues to bet, for one more year, to bring university students and master’s students closer to the business world in order to improve their employability, to promote the creation of new jobs for them. STEM and digital profiles, in addition to reaffirming its position as a leading company in the digital transformation of the insurance sector.

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