loan on every pakistani: now a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand on every pakistani, will imran khan only accept by making poor people? – every pakistani now owes rs175000, the loan on every pakistani people includes PM Imran Khan

Strong points:

1 lakh loan of 75,000 rupees on every Pakistani citizen Imran Khan’s government made people 54,901 rupees in two years. Law-breaking Imran Khan also hides financial information from Islam
Prime Minister Imran Khan has put the citizens of his country in a debt trap for weakening Pakistan. Recently, the Imran Khan government confessed to the Pakistani Parliament that now every Pakistani has a debt of 1 lakh 75,000 rupees. The contribution of Imran Khan’s government in this regard is Rs 54,901, or 46% of the total debt. This debt burden has increased for Pakistanis over the past two years. In other words, when Imran took power in Pakistan, every citizen of the country had a debt of Rs 119,999.

The Imran government also violated the country’s law
While making a statement on fiscal policy for the fiscal year 2020-2021, Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance also acknowledged that the Imran Khan government had failed to reduce the budget deficit to 4% of the national economy. The government thus violated the 2005 Fiscal Responsibility and Credit Limit Act (FRDL). As such, Pakistan’s total budget deficit was 8.6% of GDP, more than double the limit of the FRDL Act.

What is Pakistani FRDL law
Pakistan passed the Fiscal Responsibility and Credit Limit Act (FRDL) 2005 to deal with the country’s growing external debt. He predicted that the budget deficit should not exceed 4% of the country’s economy. He also said that all government policies regarding the treasury should be thoroughly studied.

Pai-Pai thirsts for ‘poor’ Pakistan, Imran Khan takes 416,000 crore loan again
Pak government withheld information from people
The report was presented to the Pakistani parliament on Thursday. This report is described as the least informed policy statement in Pakistani history. Officials said the lending policy office presented a detailed draft policy to the finance ministry. However, it was ordered that this report be included in only 11 pages with the title.

Pongal is now backed by AfDB in Pakistan and to grant 73,000 crore loan to Imran government
Imran Khan puts billions of dollars in debt on Pakistan
The two-year fiscal policy statement states that during the tenure of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of Imran Khan, the debt of Rs 54,901 increased on the people. Pakistan’s total public debt as of June 2018 was 120.099 billion Pakistani rupees. In the first year of the government led by Imran Khan, this amount of debt increased by 28% to 33.590 billion rupees, while in the following year it increased by 14%.

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