Lockdown return in France: France Lockdown: Corona wreaks havoc, France imposed a lockdown across the country for 4 weeks – France imposed 4 weeks nationwide lockdown due to the reappearance of the coronavirus

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A national 4-week lockdown has been imposed in France. During the lockdown, it will be prohibited to move more than 10 km, although shops selling basic necessities will remain open during this time.
In France, the corona virus has again started to show its epidemic. French President Emmanuel Macron has imposed a 4-week lockdown across the country due to the Corona threat. On Wednesday, ordering a nationwide lockdown, President Macron said schools should be closed for at least three weeks.

The third wave of the corona virus is underway in France. In such a situation, President Macron has stated that if we have not yet taken concrete action, we will lose control of Corona. In France, only stores with essential items will be allowed to open during a national lockdown. Instead of going to the office, people will work from home. During this period, overtaking 10 km will be prohibited.

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