Lockdown tough in UK after Christmas, new Corona strain wreaks havoc – Coronavirus lockdown begins in Britain after Christmas Day amid new Covid strain

Millions more were placed under tight lockdown restrictions in different parts of Britain on December 26. A new plan has been announced to prevent the new, more contagious form of the corona virus from spreading. Nearly six million people have been placed under Level 4 lockdown in eastern and south-eastern Britain, the highest level of kovid control in the UK. By virtue of this, people are also required to stay in houses.

The exit of people in most parts of Great Britain
The lockdown has also started in Scotland and Northern Ireland and measures have been implemented again in Wales after the Christmas Day waiver. Under the strictest Level 4 restrictions, all non-essential shops, bars, and restaurants are closed and people are not allowed to meet. Much of Britain, including London, was already at this stage before Christmas as new types of corona viruses spread rapidly in these areas.

A French citizen also infected with the new strain of Corona
A six-week lockdown is in effect in Northern Ireland from Saturday with all non-essential shops closed. Meanwhile, France has confirmed that a person has been infected with the most contagious type of corona virus, which is the first such case in the country. The person is a French national who came from London on December 19.

570 other patients have died in Britain
France is among more than 40 countries that have suspended travel contacts with Britain. Meanwhile, 570 other patients are believed to have died from the corona virus in the UK. Meanwhile, US biotech company Moderna has said it hopes its vaccine will also work on a new strain of the corona virus.

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Why is the new variety rocking the world?
This new strain of Corona is said to be very contagious. Scientists named this new virus B.1.1.7. Is guarded. Officials say the virus is spreading 70% faster. Many parts of Britain were stranded tightly over a Christmas present. Research is continuing in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, on the new variant.

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WHO said on new strain of Corona
The World Health Organization has said that it is part of the development of the virus due to the acute infection strain of the corona virus. Therefore, there is no need to panic with this new variety of super-spreader. WHO Emergency Affairs Chief Mike Ryan said in an online briefing that it is important to be transparent on the matter, it is very important to tell the public what is going on , but it is also important that it is a way to develop the virus. Is the normal part.

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