Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II: American F-35 fighter jet failed? Why does the US Airforce want to get rid of the chase? – Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning Stealth stealth fighter failed, search for F-16 replacements

The US Air Force wants to get rid of its F-35 stealth fighter jet. Charles Brown Jr., head of the US Airforce himself, said we needed a light, inexpensive fighter jet to replace the Cold War-era F-16 fighter plane. It will also be able to replace expensive and unreliable stealth fighters with complex technology. He said that all new fighter jets will be equipped with the technology of about fifth generation aircraft. Over the past few years, various defense experts around the world have questioned the reliability of the United States’ F-35 and F-22 fighter jets. However, this statement by the head of the US Air Force calls into question the usefulness of this stealth fighter, considered to be the most modern in the world.

Cheap and light fighter plane replaced by an expensive F-35

The US Air Force long ago began preparations to replace its fleet of F-16 fighter jets. Meanwhile, work was underway to build a light and inexpensive fighter plane. However, after 20 years of research and development, the light fighters were replaced by a heavy and complex technical stealth fighter aircraft. Its biggest advantage was the American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. He sold the Air Force to the American Airforce for its billions of dollars in F-22 and F-35 fighter jets equipped with advanced technology.

An F-35 worth around Rs 724 crore

The American Air Force’s F-35 fighter plane weighs approximately 25 tons. The program to build this aircraft was initiated to replace hundreds of aging US Air Force F-16 aircraft. However, this fighter plane that should have solved the aviation problem itself became a problem. Air Force officials said the United States now needs a new fighter jet to solve the F-35 problem. An F-35 fighter jet, including an engine, costs around $ 100 million. In Indian rupees, this price will amount to around 724 crore. This price is only for the US Air Force. If another country tries to buy it, the price will increase even after many HiTech devices are taken out.

Maintenance is so expensive it’s compared to Ferrari

Being so expensive, servicing or maintaining F-35 fighter jets is also very expensive. It has many high-tech devices that need to be replaced after certain hours of flight. Due to which the major part of the budget of the air force is devoted to its maintenance. Dan Ward, former Air Force program director and author of popular trade books including The Simplicity Cycle, said the F-35 was not a low-cost light fighter. The F-35 is a Ferrari. You don’t run your Ferrari for your daily chores, you only run it on Sundays. He’s our high end fighter, we want to make sure we don’t use him for low end fights.

America hasn’t bought a new F-16 since 2001

The US Air Force currently has around 1,000 F-16 fighter jets. They arrive from the Air Force base around the world and take care of them in the air. However, the United States has not purchased new F-16 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin since 2001. This means that all of the US Air Force’s F-16 fighter jets are at least 20 years old. In his last interview before leaving his post in January, crew chief Will Roper, who bought fighter jets for the US Air Force, spoke about purchasing new F-16 fighter jets. However, the Chief of the Air Force, Charles Brown Jr., rejected his suggestion that we can no longer take this classic plane.

1,800 F-35 aircraft to be purchased to replace the F-16

Brown said it was very difficult to upgrade the F-16 with 17-ton Stealth technology with new software. Instead of ordering the purchase of a new F-16, we should start a clean design for a new low-end fighter. After that, questions began to arise as to whether a plane with a huge budget like the American F-35 failed. The US Air Force alone would need around 1,800 F-35s to replace the F-16s and A-10s. Buying such a stealth fighter jet in such large numbers will not only be very expensive, but it will also have to increase America’s defense budget on several occasions. Therefore, the US military now wants to get the body out of this plane.

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