Logista, recognized as one of the most inclusive companies in Europe

It is in position 25, being the first Spanish company by score

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 21 November 2020

Logista, a leading distribution company in southern Europe, has been recognized as a leader in diversity in the index prepared for the second year by the Financial Times.

To produce this classification, the Financial Times and the Statista research team conducted a survey of 15,000 companies, public and private, in 16 European countries. Over 100,000 employees were surveyed and asked to rate their companies and others in their industry on inclusion or their efforts to promote diversity issues such as age, gender, freedom of sexual orientation, l ethnicity, disability and diversity in general.

Logista, which has 5,900 direct employees and more than 15,000 collaborators, obtained a score of 7.91, placing it in 25th position in the ranking and being the Spanish company which obtained the best score.

This recognition underlines Logista’s firm commitment to inclusion and diversity. Logista manages talent in an inclusive manner, which allows it to attract, develop and retain the best professionals, and thus obtain the best results.

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