Loneliest elephant in the world has a friend: The loneliest elephant in the world found a friend after liberation from Pakistani cruelty after 35 years – Kaavan’s loneliest elephant in the world had an elephant friend

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Kavan, the loneliest elephant in the world, has finally found a friend in Cambodia. After 35 years of cruelty, Kavan has now arrived in Cambodia. Kavan can be seen roaming around with three female elephants in Cambodia.
Kavan, the loneliest elephant in the world, has finally found a friend. Kawan has now reached Cambodia after suffering brutal treatment for nearly 35 years at a zoo in Pakistan. In Cambodia, Kavan can be seen wandering with three female elephants. Not only that, Kavan also expressed his love for a female elephant. Just last month Kawan was flown from Pakistan to Cambodia.

The employee who takes care of Kavan said that this lonely world elephant has become friends. Earlier in 2012, a friend of Kavan’s died in a zoo in Islamabad. Kavan had been alone ever since. After that, famous American singer Cher campaigned for the release of Kavan. He was then taken to Cambodia where he stayed at the Cullen Prum Tape Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kavan, after being alone for a long time, now quickly walks around and slowly mingles with other elephants. If all goes well, Kavan may soon be released inside the sanctuary along with three female elephants. Kawan’s new keeper, Sok Hong, said: “We saw that Kavan was willing to come into contact with an elephant.

Cher meets Pakistani PM Imran Khan
Let me tell you, this elephant stayed at the Islamabad Zoo for 35 years. Veterinarians had said earlier this year that the elephant had become overweight and was suffering from malnutrition. There has also been a change in behavior. Cher had raised Kavan’s question and she insisted on taking him elsewhere. The drive to take him elsewhere began in 2016. Cher also met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Kavan was brought from Sri Lanka to the Pakistan Zoo. Sri Lanka donated Kavan’s Elephant in 1985 to improve relations with Pakistan. An elephant named Saheli was brought from Bangladesh to Bangladesh in 1990 after being alone for almost 5 years. Kavan and Saheli stayed together until 2012. Saheli was killed in 2012, again leaving Caravan alone. Meanwhile, cruelty to Kawan increased in Xu in Pakistan. He was still in chains. In 2016, Kavan’s liberation campaign intensified.

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