Long-awaited dynamic view arrives at Microsoft Teams meetings

We’ve been waiting for the new dynamic view of Microsoft Teams for a long time, and it’s finally available in the Teams preview. We first learned of its existence in January. This new view aims to provide better quality in video calls in Teams.

Dynamic View revolutionizes meetings in Microsoft Teams

The new dynamic view automatically resizes shared content. This way we will see the correct size of the slides and videos of the meeting participants.

“The dynamic view ensures that important elements such as audio / video thumbnails, content, pins / spotlights are displayed as large as possible on the screen by moving and intelligently resizing them to suit the scene,” a Microsoft said in a blog post.

Microsoft’s “before and after” images illustrate the change in legend thumbnails. These are now in a grid on the right side of the screen, next to a slide, rather than below the slide. The slide has also increased in size.

Additionally, meeting participants can also choose who to focus on during the meeting by pinning them. This gives that participant a larger space. Additionally, Microsoft has adjusted Together mode to increase the size of the video. This makes it easier for participants to see each other’s faces. Microsoft introduced Team Together mode last year using artificial intelligence to overlap all participants in a shared space, such as an auditorium.

Finally, users can “dock” meeting participants in a location at the top of the screen, above shared content. This should help improve the feeling of eye contact with multiple people during a video conference. Keep in mind that this is available with Surface Pro X which uses artificial intelligence to improve eye contact.

The feature is available for the Teams desktop app on Windows 10 and macOS, but not for iOS, Android, or the web version of Teams in different browsers. These will be the next things Microsoft will focus on for Dynamic View.

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