Long queues to get tested for coronavirus before traveling to Christmas

Publication: Monday December 21 2020 20:06

Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao are some of the cities that have sprung up with long queues in front of laboratories and centers where PCR tests or antigen tests are carried out. There are many who, as Christmas approaches, choose to take these types of tests to travel to see family or friends.

Queues of up to over four hours with only 72 left for Christmas Eve. Those who haven’t seen their family for months say taking the test gives them peace of mind, although no test gives 100% guarantees, experts say.

Even so, during this week, PARs increased by as much as 60% in some labs. In all of them, the queues were repeated for not scheduling appointments, which increased the outrage of many of those who had to stand for a long time.

To avoid this, there are laboratories that have started offering a home service and a few days after Christmas the phone kept ringing. Everyone wants to have their test, although the safest thing will always be to stay at home.

Are these tests useful?

Experts agree that the usefulness of these tests depends on whether, when we do them, we plan to maintain isolation and quarantine.

Otherwise, if we do a PCR and continue to stay with friends, take public transport, or go to work, it is possible that we will infect you and, facing Christmas, we could start infecting the rest.

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