Longest day on which planet: Longest day on planet Venus found in new study: Longest day on Venus found in new study

Scientists enlisted the help of Radio Wave to learn more about Venus, our nearest neighbor. The radio wave collided with him and many important things were tried to find out about him. One of them is the length of a day on Venus. In this study, the size of the axis of Venus and its inner core is also measured. This gives the opportunity to get to know the “twin planet of Earth” in depth.

The study found that Venus spends 243.0226 Earth days in a single revolution. In other words, one day here equals one year. This completes a sunset in 225 days. Researchers sent Radio Wave to Venus 21 times between 2006 and 2020. The resonance caused by the wave sent by NASA’s Goldstone antenna in the Mohave Desert has been studied and has provided a lot of information.

How did you study?
UCLA planetary astronomer Jean Lu Margo reported that waves were hurled at Venus like a flashlight and their reflections were studied on Earth. He said that Venus is an excellent laboratory for understanding the formation and evolution of planets. The galaxy can contain billions of planets such as Venus. New data has revealed that Venus has a core diameter of 4,360 miles. Previously, basic information was based on computer models, not observations.

What else?
Its core is likely to contain iron and nickel. However, it is not clear whether it is solid or melted. It spins directly on its axis while the earth is slightly bent. Its atmosphere is thick and poisonous. It contains carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. Its temperature can reach 880 degrees Fahrenheit. It turns from east to west.

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