longest eyelashes in the world break Chinese woman’s world record

The woman with the longest eyelashes in the world broke her own record in China. This woman’s eyelash (lash) length is measured at eight inches. The woman claims that these eyelashes were given to her by Lord Buddha as a gift. Yu Jianjia, originally from the southern city of Changzhou, set a Guinness World Record in 2016 with 4.88 inch eyelashes. Since then, this disc has been recorded in his name.

Size has doubled in five years
Yu Jianjia’s eyelashes have almost doubled in length over the past five years. With this, the hairs on the upper eyelid of her left eye reached a new record of 8 inches (20.5 cm). Xianjia’s eyelash hairs now descend to her cheeks and even under her jaw. Doctors are also surprised at the length of their eyelashes.

Buddha’s gift is long eyelashes
Yu Xianjia thinks her long eyelashes are a gift from Buddha. For this, he did spiritual practice behind the mountains in the lap of nature for a year and a half. He said that in 2015 I felt for the first time that my eyelashes were growing quickly. Since then, they have gradually grown to over eight inches.

Even the doctor couldn’t explain the reason
This woman said that I had consulted several professional doctors to find out why my eyelashes were longer than those of others. Even the doctors couldn’t explain it and thought it was really surprising. I also tried to find scientific reasons like genes or something like that. However, no one in my family has eyelashes as long as me. This is why it is still beyond my comprehension.

Claimed to be made of divine power
Xianjia said this suggests that it could be due to divine intervention rather than science. I kept wondering why I had such long eyelashes, then I remembered that I had spent 480 days on the mountain many years ago. So, I thought to myself that my eyelashes should be a gift from Buddha. Xianjia claimed that her long eyelashes made her look young.

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