Longest veil record: Cypriot bride wears longest veil during marriage Watch Guinness World Record viral video: Woman wore longest veil in the world during marriage now

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Cypriot woman covers the world’s longest veil during her wedding
Every woman has special dreams about marriage. Everyone aspires to wear a very special dress at their wedding, but a woman from Cyprus wore such a dress during the wedding that her name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The woman, named Maria Parskeva, wore a veil about 7 kilometers long when she married. Which has been laid several times from one end to the other in a field.

The 6,962.6-meter-long sail set a record
In Western culture, women wear beautiful white dresses during marriage. Maria Parskeva also wore a similar traditional white dress at her wedding, but the veil it contains still bears the title of larger veil used in any wedding. The length of this veil was 6962.6 meters. Which completely covered the ground in which the woman’s marriage took place.

Guinness World Records Shared Video
Guinness World Records shared a snippet of the wedding on their Instagram page. According to him, it took about 30 people 6 hours to put on this veil and bring it to the wedding venue. The woman said in a conversation with the Guinness Book after setting the record that “As a child my dream was to break the Guinness World Record title for the wedding veil.”

Has gone viral on social media
It went viral after the video was shared on the Instagram page. People are giving mixed reactions to this video on social media. Whose some people liked it, and then there are a lot of people who also criticized it. Some users have wished him a good life. Many users have criticized the fact that people adopt interesting methods of making headlines. It is unnecessary work.

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