looting of stores and burning of containers

Disturbances in the defense concentrations of Pablo Hasél, live: looting of businesses and fires of containers

Tension in the points of Spain

Spain welcomes a new day of mobilizations which aims to demand the release of rapper Pablo Hasél. In places like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​a strong police force has been deployed to disperse protesters in times of unrest.

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Some areas of Barcelona metro reportedly blocked by riots in Barcelona

As journalist Carlos Quílez reports, “there are persecutions and arrests inside the Barcelona metro”. In other words, some suburban communications have been closed and some lines are blocked because they have become a refuge for violent groups. All this motivated by the unrest in the framework of the demonstrations carried out in different regions of the country to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél.


Carlos Quílez: “More than 6,000 demonstrators were expected today”

Journalist Carlos Quílez intervened on LaSexta Noche to offer the keys to the riots and altercations recorded in recent days in Barcelona and other cities in Spain during the demonstrations. “We saw petroleum products thrown on a police van,” said the journalist, who assured Tuesday that he had not seen “preparation among the demonstrators, but synchronization”. In this sense, he clarified: “This night is going to be long, perhaps the worst.”


From Ada Colau to Pedro Sánchez: politicians condemn altercations produced during protests in defense of Pablo Hasél

Shortly after the controversial images recorded in many parts of Spain during the protests that took place in defense of the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél, many political leaders wanted to categorically condemn the acts of vandalism and looting which took place in places like Barcelona. Among them, Ada Colau, who called for cooperation with other political forces to curb these moments of tension.


Containers and garbage cans burn in Granada during demonstration against “police repression and impunity”

Violent people installed several containers in the center of the capital Granada during the demonstration called against “police repression and impunity” and in solidarity with Linares (Jaén) after the attack by two agents on a man and his daughter of 14 years old. In this mobilization, carried out in the central Plaza Nueva, at the gates of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, slogans against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel were also heard. There, they lit a garbage can and an underground container, the fire of which was extinguished by firefighters.


Violent forces prevent LaSexta from taxing destruction and looting of shops in Barcelona

Many demonstrators are currently denouncing that the actions of vandalism and looting do not correspond to the demonstration that cried out in Barcelona for the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél. Some of these violent groups prevented LaSexta from recording when they tried to break into a store whose window they had destroyed.


Stones, bottles and containers flying in the demonstrations in Pamplona

Nor did it take long to collapse in Pamplona, ​​where, shortly after the start of the protest in defense of the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél, the first riots began. Some protesters threw stones, bottles and even containers at the police, who began to disperse them. Everyone started running past the heavy police presence and now they are trying to calm the atmosphere.


Images of the looting of a Nike store during the demonstrations in Barcelona for the freedom of Pablo Hasél

During the fifth day of mobilizations against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, new acts of vandalism could be observed in Barcelona. Several violent people caused damage to the Nike store on Paseo de Gracia, resulting in significant looting which was seen live on laSexta. As can be seen in the video, some protesters leave the store with various clothes. Objects were also burned and thrown in front of the Barcelona Stock Exchange, which is precisely immune to these possible disturbances.


Containers set on fire in the heart of Barcelona and shop windows destroyed during demonstrations

Riots continue in Barcelona while not an hour has passed since the start of the fifth day of mobilizations demanding the release of rapper Pablo Hasél. In fact, in Barcelona, ​​serious altercations are already taking place, where shops have been looted, windows broken and even containers set on fire to prevent the advance of the police forces, who have been deployed to try to control the situation.


Three of the four detained in Catalonia during riots during protests in defense of Pablo Hasél released

In Girona, one of the young people who were arrested has an open case for crimes of public disorder, resistance and attack on authority, as well as for minor injuries. The judge made it provisionally available to the judicial authority. In addition, another of the detainees is obliged to appear periodically every two weeks before the judicial authority. The young people were arrested in connection with the unrest in Catalonia during demonstrations for the release of Pablo Hasél.


The first looting takes place in shops in Barcelona and they set fire to the entrance to the Barcelona Stock Exchange

Some of the protesters who gathered during Pablo Hasél’s concentration for freedom have already caused the first moments of tension in Barcelona, ​​where a Nike store was looted and the doors of the Stock Exchange were set on fire. Condal City. Catalonia is experiencing its fifth day of protests against the rapper’s imprisonment, and in the last hours, looting of other surfaces and the destruction of a bank have already been recorded.


Strong police force to avoid disruption at points of maximum tension of demonstrations

After the altercations recorded in recent hours in Barcelona, ​​it was decided to deploy an intense police device which aims to prevent the tension from spreading in the streets. The situation in Madrid is worrying because a few meters from the rally called against the rapper’s imprisonment there is another one made up of members of the extreme right. The intention of the agents is to prevent the two mobilizations from intersecting.


Barcelona already register the first altercations on the fifth day of protests in defense of Pablo Hasél

In Barcelona, ​​the first riots have already been recorded a few minutes after the start of the demonstration for the freedom of Pablo Hasél. At the moment there have been races in Urquinaona and Via Laietana. It is the fifth day of the mobilizations produced in the street in solidarity for the imprisonment of the rapper.

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Published on: 02/20/2021 21:41

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