López del Hierro denies donations to the PP and maintains that “López Hierro” and “López H” “could be someone else”

Publication: Monday April 12, 2021 13:16

The husband of the former general secretary of the Popular Party María Dolores de Cospedal, Ignacio López del Hierro, declared himself this Monday in the case B trial and asked questions about the annotations of the “ Papiers de Bárcenas’ ‘who attribute two donations to the PP under the nickname “López H.” or “López Hierro” was blunt: “I am neither of those two people who appear there.”

According to the annotations of the former treasurer, the first donation would have been on July 8, 1997 of 15 million pesetas; and the second in November 1998, 4 million pesetas. He denied that these annotations – under the headings “López H.” and “López Hierro” – refer to him.

Before the judge’s questions, Ignacio López del Hierro disassociated himself, stressing that they could be different people: “I think López H. can be a person, like López Hernández, and López Hierro can be one. other. be the same “. As to the reasons why he did not report, he alleged that “never” was he thought to be among those involved since no judge had called him to testify.

About Bárcenas

In his statement, he also took the opportunity to detail his relationship with Luis Bárcenas: he claims to have met him at a specific dinner and to have seen him at an event. Regarding the predecessor of the party treasury, Álvaro Lapuerta, he concluded that a mutual friend had introduced him to him.

López del Hierro is by no means indicted but his name has been linked to cases such as Kitchen for alleged spying on Luis Bárcenas. In addition, he appeared in recordings with his wife with former commissioner José Villarejo.

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