lord mountbatten journals edwina letters: Britain, India and Edwina’s secret will not be revealed in the Mountbatten journal? – Lord Mountbatten Diaries Edwina Letters from UK Cabinet Office Blocks for Fear of India Publication

The British government has again refused to make public the diaries and letters of India’s last viceroy, Lord Mountbatten and his wife Edwina Mountbatten. Writer Andrew Lovney spent four and two and a half million rupees making these letters and newspapers public. The British cabinet and the University of Southampton have abandoned their efforts. The author believes that this diary can reveal many secrets about the partition of India and Edwina’s relationship. For this reason, the UK government does not make them public.

In 2010, Lord Mountbatten’s diary and some letters from Edwina were “safe for the country,” according to an article in the Guardian newspaper. The University of Southampton bought these letters and newspapers, called the Broadland Archive, in 2010 for £ 2.8million. The university had received funding from many people in the name of its purchase. The university had said that it would ensure that these documents were accessible to the population.

“ New information may be revealed about the partition of India ”
Andrew Lovney, who wrote the book on Mountbatten, says he has struggled to make Edwina’s diaries and letters public since 2017, but has so far been unsuccessful. The university said it had received instructions from the government that certain documents should not be made public. Lovani said there was something special about these documents, which caused the university and the government to spend millions of pounds to keep them from going public.

Lovani believes these documents may reveal new information about the royal family and the partition of India. Lord Mountbatten was Prince Philip’s uncle. Mountbatten’s wife Edwina had a close relationship with India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. British royal biographer Philipp Zeigler claimed that there was sufficient evidence that Mountbatten and his wife Edwina had relations with foreigners.

“ Lord Mountbatten spent the night with foreign women ”
Philipp Zeigler wrote in his book “Mountbatten: The Official Biography”: “Once, Mountbatten admitted that Edwina and I had spent our entire married life in other people’s beds”. Mountbatten’s daughter Pamela Hicks also said in her book ‘Daughter of the Empire: The Life of Mountbatten’ that her father had a love affair with Yola Letellier for many years. Yola was the wife of Henry, the mayor of Deauville.

According to the British newspaper Express, Edwina came from a wealthy family and her father was a British MP. Edwina had a love affair with several men and she didn’t even hide it in Mountbatten. Hicks described his mother as a woman who fascinates men. Pamela Hicks said her mother’s boyfriend continued to be “uncle” throughout her childhood. Andrew Loney said in his 2019 book that Edwina’s love affair with others began in 1925, just three years after her marriage to Lord Mountbatten. He would have had an affair with Hugh Molineaux for 10 years. Edwina then started a relationship with Stephen Loddy, who was very wealthy and played polo.

“ Edwina-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had an emotional relationship ”
Mountbatten’s daughter, Pamela Hicks, wrote in her book “Daughter of Empire” that there was a love affair between her mother and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He said, “My mother and Pandit Nehru loved each other very much. The old idiom of Solmet applied perfectly to both of them. My father was outgoing, while my mother preferred to be alone. He had been married for a very long time and was also very close to each other but despite this my mother was a victim of loneliness. During this time, he met a sensitive, charming, cultured and very lovable person. Maybe that was the reason she fell in love with him.

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