Los Angeles fireworks: Los Angeles explosion before July 4th: America explosion before July 4th

Los Angeles
At least 17 people, including six civilians, were injured in an explosion while carrying illegal firecrackers to a safe location in Los Angeles, United States. Several vehicles and buildings were also damaged in the incident. The police had confiscated these illegal firecrackers and they needed to be disposed of safely. Among the injured, 9 police officers were injured. They were all taken to hospital for treatment.

Three of the injured civilians were seriously injured. 5,000 pounds of illegal firecrackers were confiscated in the ongoing investigation ahead of the country’s Independence Day. These were loaded into the bomb squad trailer. During this time, there was an explosion. These firecrackers were found in the house of a certain Arturo Sihas. After the incident, he was arrested for possession of explosives.

damage to vehicles, houses
In the video of the incident, it was seen that the squad’s semi-trailer had exploded in the explosion and had been turned into a shell before. A car parked nearby was also damaged from its impact. At the same time, neighboring houses and buildings were also damaged and debris spread on the roads.

Fire inspectors are taking stock of the damage and those whose homes have suffered the most damage will be moved to safer locations. At the same time, Mayor Eric Garcetti said the situation was being watched closely and the police department had been ordered to investigate.

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