lost gold treasure: 300 year old shipwreck with golden treasure a mystery

About 300 years ago, the Spanish ship San José began to burn with smoke. The sailors of this ship were trapped in a war with Britain for hours. The reason behind this was the hidden treasure it contained, which Britain wanted to obtain. With the destruction of the ship, 600 people drowned and along with gold and silver and jewelry worth £ 14 billion were sunk.

According to the Daily Express report, in a History Channel documentary, Global Explorations treasure hunter Jerry Lee said, “José was in Panama looting gold on the west coast of South America. It was there for a long time, it also had a lot of gold from other ships. They were all going to Colombia together. According to Jeff Kaley, an oceanographic engineer who discovered San José, he may have brought a lot of gold, silver, and emeralds from the Mayan Empire.

The treasure has been lost for centuries, but in 2015 the Colombian government commissioned marine archaeologists and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to find the wreck. The same institute also found the wreckage of the Titanic. His wreck was found at the end of the year.

Shipwreck: Reuters

Now the question was, who became the rightful owner of the sunken treasure with him? Spain says the ship belonged to it, while Colombia says it was found in its territory. Tock Thompson, professor of anthropology and communication, says it was the gold of the Inca Empire. Treasure hunter John Matera says his claim to be found in Colombian territory is getting stronger. This mystery has not yet been solved.

The interesting thing is that so far the treasure has not been found and it is believed that over time gold, silver and jewelry may not have dissolved in the salt water. of the sea and that in the end no one got anything after so much controversy.

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