Lottery News: Australia Powerball Lottery First Prize: Australia Powerball Lottery First Prize

A sleepy 30-year-old man from Brisbane gasped when he saw his lottery worth Rs 75 crore had been hit. He really picked up the phone to check his emails at midnight as he opened his eyes. One of those matches was about the Powerball lottery. This person says that after seeing the mail, she could not sleep all night. His plan is that with this amount, he will buy a house for himself and his mother but will not stop working.

Email verification
The man took the top prize of $ 10 million in Powerball results announced on Jan.21. Not only that, he also received many small prizes which led to $ 10,367,144 on his account. He said he was sleeping early in the night, but at 2 a.m. his eye opened and he started checking his emails.

Will continue to work
There was also an email on Powerball. He said he rarely played powerball and after seeing his total reward he couldn’t sleep. However, he made it clear that he would continue with his work, otherwise he would be bored. It’s definitely that winning this award put an end to their worries. He says he will buy a house for himself and his mother.

He says he has a lot of work to do but at the moment he’s so excited that he can’t decide anything. He says everything is like a dream.

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