Lottery News: Woman Wins $ 1 Million on Florida Lottery Ticket Purchased During Flight Cancellation

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A woman’s luck opened after the flight was canceled in Missouri, United States. This woman had bought lottery tickets while waiting for the new theft. In one of these tickets he received a reward of one million dollars (Rs 74 155 650). In such a situation, this news of the treasure in the hands of the woman over time becomes more and more viral.

The woman received a lump sum of $ 790,000
Florida Lottery Key said in a statement that Angela Caravela, 51, of Kansas City, Missouri, won the top $ 1 million prize last month with the “The Fastest Road to USD 100,000” scratch game. . He chose to collect his winnings in one go, which is roughly $ 790,000.

A woman bought a ticket for a hobby
Caravela said that after the flight was suddenly canceled, I thought something strange was going to happen. I bought tickets to pass the time and just won a million dollars. Caravela bought her winning ticket at the Publix supermarket in Brandon, east of Tampa. This store will receive a bonus of $ 2,000 for the sale of winning tickets.

Legal lottery game in America
The $ 30 game that Caravella won started in February 2020 and has 155 top prizes of $ 1 million and cash prizes of $ 948 million. Even in the past, many people in America got rich day by day through such lotteries. The lottery is a legal game in the United States. However, lotteries have not received legal recognition in many countries around the world.

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