Love Story Corona Times: Listened to the love songs of the 81-year-old husband sitting at the hospital window, the love story was shattered after the last visit – every heart broken – a woman serenaded by her husband in reason for covid restriction dies after last hug

The corona virus outbreak has shattered more lives than many people have killed. How many lovers have spent decades together saying goodbye to each other’s hearts. This is the story of this Italian couple. Carla, 74, and Stephano Bozzini, 81, had to go their separate ways because of Kovid. During this time, her love story has set an example before the world. Carla and Stefano have met one last time, only to be apart forever. Carla is no longer in this world.

Carla was staying away from Stephano for cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Stefano used to play the accordion for himself while sitting under the hospital window. He told Carla his favorite songs from the middle of the street. The images of Stephano wearing a feather beanie and a red sweater were well received by people on social media.

Stephano and Carla

After listening to Stephano’s song, he would look up and express his love to the woman by shaking her hand. Carla was looking out the window. His son Maurizio also asked the hospital if he could give his wife five minutes of happiness one last time. Stefano explained that it was a great day and that he could play longer, all day.

Carla and Stefano met one last time, and after meeting Carla said goodbye to the world. The mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barbieri, shared the story of the two, saying that stone can also melt. Patrizia said the way Stephano expressed his love for Carla outside the hospital window was proof of true love.

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