Luis Bárcenas leaves prison on his first six-day permit

Publication: Sunday April 4 2021 19:42

Luis Bárcenas is at large. At least temporarily. The former treasurer of the People’s Party (PP) took advantage of his first six-day leave this Sunday after spending two and a half years behind bars and being sentenced to 29 years in prison for participating in the Gürtel plot.

The former treasurer is already at home, due to return at the end of next week to enter Soto del Real prison, as legal sources have confirmed to LaSexta.

It was on March 17 that these non-consecutive authorizations were granted by the Supervisory Court. On the other hand, progression to the third degree and the application of article 100.2 were refused.

In his car, the judge pointed out that the exit had been unanimously proposed by the Treatment Commission. It was also taken into account that Bárcenas spent a period of three years and four months on bail without any incident or attempted escape.

“It is therefore time to consolidate the existing positive factors, and an assessment must be made of the general behavior of the prisoner with particular emphasis on his attitude and behavior during the enjoyment of the leave now initiated, promoting the path of treatment with particular impact on the existing variables factors of maladjustment ”, concludes the said text.

Bárcenas’ life in prison

The former treasurer entered prison in May 2018 after hearing the decision of the National Court which sentenced him for the first years of the Gürtel, a resolution which the Supreme Court upheld in October 2020, reducing Bárcenas’ sentence by 33 years and four months in prison at 29 years and a month.

To calculate the sentence, the second section of the criminal chamber of the National High Court also took into account the 154 “ apud acta ” appearances made by the ex-treasurer of the PP compensating him for 15 days in prison, as well. as the 44 months of passport withdrawal which resulted in the deduction of 22 additional days.

In total, more than four years in prison, which means that once the 12-year limit of stay in the penitentiary is established, he has already served a quarter of the necessary sentence to start benefiting from days in prison, such as Prison regime.

Precisely, the prison supervision judge affirmed in his order that Bárcenas had exceeded “in one year and five months the quantitative requirement necessary to obtain an exit permit”.

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