Luis Bárcenas returns to prison after his first release permit

Publication: Saturday April 10, 2021 09:21

Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer of the Popular Party (PP), returns this Saturday to the prison of Soto del Real after taking advantage of a six-day freedom leave, which he spent with his family.

Last Sunday, Bárcenas was released from prison for the first time after two and a half years behind bars. The doubt lies in the date on which Bárcenas will apply for his second six-day permit.

The former treasurer, sentenced to 29 years in prison for his participation in the first stage of the Gürtel plot, received two non-consecutive release authorizations from the Supervisory Court on March 17, when, in his car, the judge pointed out that the exit was proposed unanimously by the Treatment Committee.

The former treasurer entered prison in May 2018 after hearing the decision of the National Court which sentenced him for the first years of the Gürtel, a resolution which the Supreme Court upheld in October 2020, reducing Bárcenas’ sentence by 33 years and four months in prison at 29 years and a month.

To calculate the sentence, the second section of the criminal chamber of the High National Court also took into account the 154 “ apud acta ” appearances made by the ex-treasurer of the PP compensating him for 15 days in prison, as well as the 44-month passport withdrawal which resulted in the deduction of an additional 22 days.

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