lunar mission chang’e 5: photo of the earth and the moon from deep space: image of the earth and the moon from space

China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft shipped rock samples collected from the moon to Earth last year, but the mission is still in deep space. In December, Chang’e 5 delivered a capsule to Earth, then moved toward the sun 150 million kilometers from Earth in space. The place where it is reached is considered balanced according to gravity. From there, Chang’e 5 sent an image of the moon and the earth.

Chang’e 5 is currently in orbit doing earth and sun related experiments that will be used in future missions. Chang’e 5’s main mission has been completed and is currently doing additional work. He sent a picture in which the earth and the moon are seen together. The earth looks like a light blue ball and the moon is like a point. The black of the space behind is dark.

The Russian Luna 24 mission landed on the lunar surface on August 22, 1976, before Chang’e 5. Luna then returned with it 200 grams of earth from the moon. Two Chinese missions are already present on the lunar surface. In 2013, a spacecraft named Cheng-e-3 reached the lunar surface. While in January 2019, Cheng-E-4 landed on the lunar surface with a Utu-2 lander and rover.

The Long March-5 rocket was used to bring the Chinese spacecraft to the moon. This rocket operates using liquid kerosene and liquid oxygen. This powerful Chinese rocket is 187 feet long and weighs 870 tons.

Image of the earth and the moon

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