Lunar mission to China: Chang’e-5 brought a ‘piece of the moon’, China after five years of preparation for building a shelter – China plans a permanent research base on the moon in the years to come up

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) wants to know if it can build a permanent base on the moon. The Chinese Space Agency’s Chang’e-5 spacecraft recently returned from the moon with samples and will be explored in the future to build bases on the moon through the Chang’e-8 mission. The Global Times report claimed that 3D printing capability would be tested to build a base on the new mission.

According to the South China Morning Post, Beijing expects astronauts to be sent to the moon by 2030 and a permanent research base at the moon’s south pole. According to reports, China is keen to work with other agencies on this project and has plans to send the next mission after five years.

Why was this mission special?
Let us tell you that Chang’e-5 brought a sample of the moon for the first time in 44 years. With this, China became the third country to do so. This feat of China is also special as China has attempted to land on the moon three times and succeeded three times while other countries have faced many failures.

Complete mission with many countries
China also wants to launch a space station next year. Previously, CNSA deputy administrator Wu Yanhua said China wants to invite international scientists to work together on projects related to the moon. China’s recent mission was accomplished with the help of several countries including the European Space Agency, Namibia, Pakistan and Argentina.

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