Lunar mission to China: China plans to sand astronauts on the moon for long periods of time Know all the updates: China is preparing to send astronauts to the moon for a long time

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China, Russia team up with countries around the world to capture Kamchandra to build robotic space station at the moon’s south pole, China plans to keep its astronauts staying longer
After China, China is now considering seizing land on the moon as well. For this, China is trying to set up a space station on the Moon with the help of its neighbor Russia. As soon as this station is ready, Chinese astronauts will stay there for a long time. China wants to do a lot of scientific experiments on the Moon, in order to stay ahead of the US space agency NASA.

US astronauts can only stay on the moon for 10 hours
So far, American astronauts who have been to the moon with the help of NASA can only spend 10 hours on its surface. However, Chinese astronauts will be able to stay there for a long time at the base. It will be a robotic base, which will also be able to move from one place to another. Chinese scientists have reported that it will be a long-term effort to surface the moon.

China prepares to install robotic base on the moon
Scientist Wu Voyren, who designed China’s lunar mission, said we have planned several moon missions during this decade. These include plans to establish a robotic base at the moon’s south pole. If we send astronauts to the Moon in the future, it will be useful to use their stop. The top Chinese scientist also said that if we successfully complete the moon research station project, it would not be very difficult to launch a manned mission. We can safely land our astronauts on the lunar surface in a matter of months.

Great deal with Russia in the field of space research
Just last week, China signed an agreement with Russia to establish an international lunar research station on the moon. However, no information was given on when the project will be completed. According to the Russian statement, this station will be a complex of experimental research facilities that will be on the lunar surface or in its orbit. It is designed to perform research in different ways and for different purposes. The base will focus on the exploration and use of the moon, the development of basic research and technology. It will be equipped with all kinds of capabilities, unmanned and suitable for humans. The two countries have not yet disclosed the responsibilities shared between them.

104 lunar missions carried out in 60 years, 40% failed
Why does every country want to capture the moon?
Superpowers around the world are planning to establish colonies on the moon. In view of this, China has launched its lunar exploration program working on a long-term plan. He intends to build a permanent base on the moon by 2036. China intends to use titanium, uranium, iron and water from the moon to make rockets. This space rocket manufacturing facility is very important to its plan to excavate long distances in space by 2050. China also wants to excavate asteroids. He also plans to build a solar power plant in the geosynchronous class.

Space Race: China, India, America, Russia know why the world wants to land on the moon
America wants to be based on the Moon, eyes on Mars
Seeing these solid preparations from China, the US Vice President also said recently: “We are living in a space race these days as in the 1960s and the stakes are higher than that. China strategically launched its spacecraft into a remote area of ​​the important moon and revealed plans to capture it. The rapid extraction of lunar minerals has also become extremely important to America. US space agency NASA is working on a robot capable of extracting and examining lunar soil for natural resources. NASA also wants to build a base on the Moon by 2028. NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein recently said we want to go to the moon because we want to go to Mars with humans.

Now 4G will also work on the moon, NASA has given a contract to configure the network to Nokia
Russia, Japan, South Korea, European Union also in the race
The Russian Space Agency also announced last year that it would establish a colony on the moon by 2040. Alexander Sergeyev, head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the moon is very important in terms of natural resources. Japan and South Korea have announced plans to send the spacecraft to the poles of the moon. Their mission is to use the natural resources of the Moon. On the other hand, the European Union wants to create a “lunar village” on the Moon. Of all these countries, China’s agenda appears to be the most ambitious. China is the only country that has the desire and the plan to colonize space and use it in space exploration. China has invested $ 30 million in this direction. China’s 30-year plan is part of President Xi Jinping’s civil-military integration strategy.

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